Government Contracts

Competition For Contracts Is Fierce. We Help You Stand Out.

Securing a government contract can prove very lucrative. For small and medium-sized businesses, government contracts can prove particularly rewarding, as they tend to bolster the businesses’ reputation within the community. However, they must often compete for these contracts with large corporations that have in-house counsel and other resources at their fingertips.

Oppel Allen PLLC is here to assist your company, regardless of its size, in obtaining, negotiating, administering, and litigating government contracts. From establishing regulatory compliance to drafting and reviewing contracts, Oppel Allen PLLC can work with clients across several industries.

Work With An Attorney Who Is A Former Senior Business Law Advisor And Judge Advocate

One of the founding attorneys of Oppel PLLC, Mark Oppel, served in the U.S. Army as a Senior Business Law Advisor and Judge Advocate. His experience working at the Pentagon, U.S. Strategic Command and Army Futures Command has granted him invaluable insight into the inner workings of various government administrations and processes.

Get Your Competitive Edge

Why select Oppel Allen PLLC to represent you? Because Oppel Allen PLLC offers a comprehensive practice in administrative law. With his in-depth knowledge of government administrative processes, he can give you a competitive advantage when negotiating and making claims on a contract.

Gain Advantages When Competing For Contracts

Oppel Allen PLLC serves your business interests. Contact the firm’s office in Austin or Prosper to schedule your initial consultation. You can reach Oppel Allen PLLC at 512-812-9698 or send us an email.