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Andy TrueLove

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Practice Areas:

  • Corporate Litigation
  • Business Law and Commercial Transactions
  • Federal Litigation
  • Regulatory Compliance

About the Associate

Andy TrueLove is a litigation associate at Oppel Allen PLLC, providing legal assistance and representation for civil cases in Prosper, Texas.

Andy has developed a solid and strategic approach for clients throughout his legal career and professional education, offering extensive knowledge and a committed defense to civil law disputes. His keen eye for detail and thorough analytical skills have proved invaluable in initial discovery sessions, allowing him to deliver effective and innovative solutions for his clients, reducing the expenses of lengthy legal cases or stressful trials in the courtroom.


Andy’s talents and a keen interest in the legal sector started during his undergraduate education, where he attended Columbia University, one of the most prestigious schools in the country.

His initial passion for litigation earned him two advantageous internship positions at well-regarded institutions, the United States House of Representatives and National Taxpayers Union, the oldest taxpayer advocacy union in the United States. These valuable placements allowed Andy to combine his interest in the field with the practical skills required for a successful legal career, leading to law studies at Baylor University, where he trained for a career in litigation.
Andy’s current area of interest cover a wide breathe of both personal and commercial civil cases:

– Corporate Litigation
– Business Law and Commercial Transactions
– Federal Litigation
– Regulatory Compliance

Additional Interests

Andy grew up in Grand Prairie; as a Texas native, he enjoys running, theater, traveling, Tex-Mex and history. Mr. Truelove has read a biography on each president and is a huge fan of Jeopardy.


After nearly two years of practice, Andy joined Oppel Allen with a shared vision of offering a client-centered legal guidance and representation. Currently, as a litigation associate, Andy’s current focus areas are corporate litigation, business law, and commercial transactions.

Associate, Oppel Allen

Developed policies and education for HIPAA privacy compliance, managed business associate agreements.
Conducted numerous successful mediations on behalf of clients.
Represented clients in mediations and conducted negotiations with opposing counsel and claims adjusters.
Prepared outlines for expert witness direct examination and plaintiff cross-examination.
Developed and implemented litigation strategy; negotiated settlement of personal injury case for the plaintiff.
Represented and counsel business owners, individuals in matters involving complex commercial litigation, mortgage foreclosure, and supplementary proceedings.
Assisted attorneys with FMLA, FLSA, and wage and hour claims.

Bergquist Law Firm -[2020-2021]

Prior to joining the Oppel Allen PLLC, Mr. Truelove gained valuable legal experience working at a civil litigation firm managing a docket of over 70 cases.


Defended over 30 depositions
Represented clients in numerous hearings and mediations
Trained and managed newly licensed associates

Technical Editor, Baylor Law Review

Alongside his studies at Baylor University, Andy worked as a Technical Editor and joined the Baylor Law Court Team as an official member. This role focused on providing expert-level reviews of legal correspondents, suggesting improvements in structure, technical language, and grammatical errors of materials.


Copy editing and proofreading for an organization’s publications.
Ensuring documents comply with organization’s standards
Fact-checking original legal reference material and secondary source material (publications, web, service articles)
Keeping up to date with case law and legislative change
Edit and amend technical information in documentation in relation to the law or association with it’s practices and implementation
Continue to upskill and develop an understanding of legal language and framework
Provide feedback to relevant colleagues
Design templates for legal publications etc.
Member of the Baylor Law Moot Court Team

Intern, House of Representatives & National Taxpayers Union [2016]

While studying at Columbia University for his bachelors, Truelove interned at both the House of Representatives and National Taxpayers Union, working closely with experts in the legal sector to refine and develop his skills and knowledge of the legal sector.


Juris Doctor

Baylor University
Class of 2020
Waco, Texas

Bachelors of Political Science

Columbia University
Class of 2017
New York City, New York